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Running from the Law.jpg

Tracklist in Order:

Jimmy Dobro - Swamp Surfer

James Burton & Ralph Mooney - Corn Pickin'

Paul Smith - Swing Steel Blues 

Sanford Clark - It's Nothing To Me

Jack Southern - Darlene 

Wayne Walker - All I Can Do Is Cry

Jim Burgett - The Living Dead

Whitey Gallagher - Searching

Onie Wheeler - Mr. Free

Johnny Cash - Understand Your Man

Bob Martin - World I Left Behind

Gene Nitz - Running From The Law

Jimmy Minor - Satan's Chauffeur 

Danny Dill - I'm Hungry For Your Lovin'

Tommy Lam - Speed Limit

Billy Harlan - I Wanna Bop

Art Adams - Rock Crazy Baby

Eddie Noack - He's Getting Smaller

Eddie Noack - Psycho

Slim Whitman - Rose Marie

Running from the Law - SLOPPYJOE
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