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Tracklist in Order:

The Corky Wilkie Band - Something Swinging

Chester Randle's Soul Sender's - Soul Brother's Testify Pt.1&2

Hot Ice Company- I Got the Love You Need

The Vibrettes - Humpty Dump Pt. 1 & 2

J Wesley Smith - Mama Laid The Law Down

Tee 'N' Cee & The L.T.D.'s - Tighten Up With Soul

Tina Britt - Who Was That

Davy Jr. & Guess Who - Party in Joe Craig's Ear

Screaming Joe Neal - She's My Baby

Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More 

Baby Washington - You And The Night And The Music

Little Eva - Uptown

Ben Collier B.B.S.S. - Walk Proud

Chaz + 2 - Soup Bone

The Sequins - Someday You'll Be Mine

Razzy Bailey - I Hate Hate

Jimmy Bailey - Everytime

Bill Courtney - One Dollar Down

City of Dope - SLOPPYJOE
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